The Path Curiosity Created


A Follower of Whys

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.
e. e. cummings 

I listen and focus on the story about a young, married American music teacher shipping herself off to Korea before a major war to teach piano to children. Warm, early summer, rain drops plop on my head and slide with caution down my face. The wind picks up and takes all the papers with my interview questions by the hand away from me and Mrs. McGill, the seventy-two year old teacher who is telling me her life story under the emerald umbrella of a majestic oak. I  run after my papers more because I don’t want to litter than because I want to save my questions because the interview  much like Ms. McGill’s life does not follow a set path. An hour later, my hair gathered in strings around my face and my blouse matted down, Ms. McGill hugs me, laughs, and thanks me for the interview.

Ever a questioner and a follower of whys, I have finally begun to do what as a little girl I would pretend to do-interview people, find stories, write, create.

A Labour of Love a series about people committed to an idea, a cause, or a process to improve the lives of others.

Mami, Mom / Papi, Dad– a series about  family life in gay and lesbian households.

Baltimore’s Untold Stories– a series about Baltimore residents making their communities better, telling their stories, giving back even when the cameras aren’t rolling. This series was inspired by the death of Freddie Gray and the Spring uprising of April 2015.

This is a writer’s process blog. Here I share snippets of interviews and stories as I create and venture the writing life. I welcome you to peek  into the world of some curiously dedicated people and loving families. Leave behind your thoughts, constructive feedback, encouragement, and words of wisdom. Visit us also me Facebook and Twitter @writeidea8.

Live life with joy and love.

Catalina Sofia

My return to my native home in Bogotá, Colombia. This was in the historic part of the city near the major library called Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center.



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